July 4, 2013

  • Apocalypse Now (Perhaps)

    Rumour has it that it is not Xanga that will close, but all Xangans who will disappear, having being beamed up to the great Mother Ship now hovering over North America. 

    Another theory is that Xanga will not vanish instantly, but will implode, collapsing inwards, the last bit to go being Theologian Dan, whose icon will evaporate from the edges, the last bit to go being the smile, like Alice’s cheshire cat.

    In either case, I am on facebook under my real name >>>>>>>


    …and on grahamworth@hotmail.com

    …and on author bios at Amazon >>>>>>>


    And thanks to all the Xangans I’ve met over the years, and thanks to all who have helped me out at times. Best wishes, Graham.


June 27, 2013

  • Review of The Self Publishing Playbook, by Shane Lee



    I knew this book was a must-have as soon as I saw the chapter sub-headings. Not only has Shane Lee researched the success methods of twelve successful authors, he has extracted the key points and questions that each author has addressed strongly, and this hit me straight between the eyes, as all are questions that have troubled to me in my own marketing struggles. 

    The debate between the fading glamour of traditional publishing and the almost punk of self, the must of independent editing (which may not be a must) the relevance or not of the much-touted social networking: Shane’s twelve hit the lot. 

    There are many ‘How To’ books on the market in the field of self-publishing and book marketing, but in too many of them the source of guidance is the book’s author alone. I’ve read a bunch of them. ‘That sounds logical,’ I often think, chewing on one of the nuggets of wisdom asserted, ‘but is it really that way? Who is this guy insisting I must do this, or that, while so and so says just the opposite? Both tell us firmly how to market fiction, but has either written as much fiction as a short story?’

    The answer is usually no.

    Shane here takes a better, sounder route, standing aside as interviewer to let us listen directly to twelve real people, who have not only trodden the long, lonely road from blank page to final manuscript, but done it many times. Twenty times, in one case, which makes my own twice pretty tame. Yet, paradoxically, some have hit success on the first shot. 

    Without minimising the many difficulties to be overcome to achieve marketing success, Shane writes in an encouraging, up-beat manner as he interviews twelve authors to identify the ever changing does and don’ts. Each had a different story, and differed on some points I’d thought fixed and beyond argument, yet all agreed on points I’d have thought a matter of opinion; all in all, very enlightening.




    Reviewed by Graham Worthington, author, Wake of the Raven and Zorn.


June 3, 2013

  • Xangan Authors: Dateline: Atlantis, by Lynn Voedisch


    A list of Xangan authors and associates available in print or ebook, compiled by Graham Worthington, author Wake of the Raven and Zorn.

    The latest title is Dateline: Atlantis by Xangan author Lynn Voedisch

    All authors are listed in alphabetical order, by book cover.


    Including stories by several Xangan authors

    Heather Anastasiu414d9AV7KYL__SL500_AA300_   Carsten Aretz


    Saadia Ali Aschemann51zRer0MSIL__SL125_   4156Mbg7Q%2BL__SL125_    41daBK56w4L__SL125_     

    Melinda Clayton51C5pJd8EUL__SL110_  Jerry J Davis516XJK3YA1L__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_  Jase Donaldson  

    Ian Eviston Joseph Falletta 

    Barbara Fifield

    J E Glaze                            

    Barbara Everett Heintz51vJYAguwKL__SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_ Solea Ket Kelly31GlAKDxLlL__SL125_    

    John Lindensmith41aCN3JRwkL__SL125_    Hell.largest.cropped.J         V G Lee

       Jeff Markowitz41nnc9y9eIL__SL125_   515ERY7vfoL__SL125_   51AF2jMT0AL__SL125_    

    Thomas Michael413GTKYLQNL__SL125_   41-pYRpDK8L__SL125_     Dr Lucia Matthews

    Andrew F. O’Hara51SsPbpx6QL__SL125_     

    Bill Poppen and Terri Verrette 419beFWO7-L__SL500_AA300_     Anita Rinaldi512qvYZ-hbL__SL125_

    David SalnaveVanedave book cover  Zakiah Sayeed

    Smaranda5185PtZZDNL__SL125_             Rosa SophiaTaking 1960.Rosa Sophia 

    Vila Spiderhawk51d5tFqGaTL__SL125_   51oiKtGzCNL__SL125_    61o%2BEd28z%2BL__SL125_    

    Amy Thomas

    Smoky Trudeau51NSZG7DVZL__SL110_    41CXfh25UVL__SL110_   51pQ8EwTwuL__SL110_   51SmU5zTPfL__SL110_    

    Ricky Tsang510h3Znai5L__SL500_AA300_ Lynn Voedisch41xbPSI9R0L__SL125_  The God's Wife Full Cover          

    Adele Ward   Kevin Richard White515PI%2BwDPxL__SL125_  

    Graham WorthingtonD.5.starfish.textAdjusted.mix.B.J.final.10April2011 51lLWylB2FL__SL110_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-sm,TopRight,10,-13_OU01_Thirty Authors from Xanga515zUQHfioL__SL125_    

    Elizabeth Zelvin519UODEF35L__SL125_   51wOPCJS6lL__SL125_   519KHSWMQHL__SL125_

    Some are in the Xangans collection, some have their own work published, some have both! If you’re on Amazon, but not on my list, let me know, and I’ll add you.


May 12, 2013

  • Free download: Daddy Was a Punk Rocker


    Today, Sunday 12 of May 2013, you can get a free download of Daddy was a Punk Rocker  by British author Adam Sharp onto your Kindle or Kindle for PC. 



    Sharp’s true account of his birth and upbringing in by drug using parents in the era of punk rock is recently published, and has already received several 5-star reviews on Amazon.

    I got my copy this morning, and my review will come later.


    By Graham Worthington, author of Wake of the Raven and Zorn. 


April 9, 2013

  • Free E-Book Tuesday 9 April: Wake of the Raven

    This Tuesday 9 April 2013, ending midnight, I’m making my most major novel, Wake of the Raven, available free for download on Amazon’s Kindle e-reader. The zero price lasts just for the day, but the download onto your Kindle is permanent.

    If you don’t have a Kindle, no problem. You can have the novel downloaded directly to your computer, providing you first download ‘Kindle for PC,’ from Amazon, which costs nothing and takes two minutes to place a Kindle reading program onto your computer.

    I published this novel a few years ago, and as Amazon in its great wisdom recently deleted most of my reviews, I’d love some more, especially from the Xanga community.

    Link to my Amazon Kindle page              Kindle for PC application link


  • Dateline: Atlantis, By Lynn Voedisch

    Congratulations to Xangan author Lynn Voedisch on the publication of her third novel, Dateline: Atlantis.  





    DATELINE: ATLANTIS is a contemporary fantasy featuring a female Indiana Jones
    who dives underwater and accidentally finds what just might be the lost world of
    Atlantis. After she and her photographer document fabulous pyramids under the
    Caribbean sea, they return to their newspaper in the Los Angeles area, only to
    have all their evidence stolen. The sea rolls back and reclaims the ruins, and
    their photographer is kidnapped.

    Someone doesn’t want the undersea world

    The simple news assignment becomes more complicated with each turn, and takes Amaryllis Lang (pen name: Amy Quigley) on a whirlwind investigation to Chicago, Florida, Mexico and the Bahamas, where Amaryllis must deal with a cold-case murder, a red-hot editor eager for a Pulitzer, two men desiring her love, deadly traps, and a chance to re-write history.






March 19, 2013

  • News from the Jungle

    Recently I had some minor annoyance with… let’s not be specific. Nothing to do with Xanga, or the internet. Just old fashioned, trouble seeking, whispering gossip from a family I (unfortunately) know, whose pea brains apparently lack the capacity to appreciate the big joys of life, and instead go scraping through petty quarrels to find entertainment.   

    “They behave as though we’re still in the jungle” as my old mother would have said. But if handed lemons, make lemonade, or so the saying goes. Therefore, a little poem suitable for little people, especially those who cannot learn or grow:


    As jungly as our grandsires were, so did our parents grow

    As jungly as our parents were, so grew my wife and I

    As jungly as my wife and I, so did our children learn

    As jungly as our children are, so will grandchildren be

    To the jungle! To the jungle! To the jungle boom boom boom!


    Link to my Amazon author’s page


March 8, 2013

  • White Light Meditation, by D. F. Bailey

    D. F. Bailey’s style of writing is easy to read and unpretentious, and makes no exaggerated claims for the method he has developed after practicing various systems.


    I personally have practiced meditation for many years, and though I have not necessarily used the same methods (there are many systems) I can state firmly that meditation has made a great and noticeable improvement to the quality of my life, to the point where I could say that I need and appreciate it as much as I do the blood that sustains me. While I don’t wish to take the attitude of a fanatic, I would go so far as to say that it is the most valuable of the many useful things that aren’t (unfortunately) taught at school.  

    A great benefit of this book is that it is short and concise, and before describing his techniques Dr Bailey makes several essentials points, one being that meditation has nothing to do with religion in the sense that it is limited by, or invented by, or the property of this, that or the other religion. That we listen too much to the ramblings of our “monkey minds,” is another, and indeed we do. We need to schedule our time to fulfil our meditation needs before we let the busy day start to take its bite from us – again, this I’m fully in agreement with, from my own practical experience. 

    He also makes many highly essential but often overlooked points, such as that we need to have a secluded place for our daily practice, and outdoors may not be the best place. Lastly, he gives many useful links to studies conducted on the benefits of meditation, which, apart from a greater sense of peace, may include improved physical health, and lessening of dependence on drugs and alcohol, etc., which is certainly something this world needs more of.


    (This is a reproduction of my 7 March 1913 review on Amazon)


    My own Amazon Author’s Page

March 4, 2013

  • Diary of a Provincial Lesbian, by V G Lee, free download

    New to Kindle, a novel of life and illicit love by V G Lee, acclaimed British writer and author, set not in a lurid cities such as Las Vegas or Paris, but in the quiet seaside town of Bittlesea Bay in East Sussex.

    There, as Christmas gives way to the wretched English winter, Margaret longs for her globe-trotting partner Georgie, and vows to keep a diary for one year. At first it seems that it will be filled with nothing but notes on the number of layers of clothing needed to keep the cold at bay, but as Spring’s buds emerge from the snow, so does passion blossom.


    Diary of a Provincial Lesbian will be free on Kindle until the end of Tuesday 19 of February 2013.

    Just click the icon.

    It can also be downloaded onto a “Kindle for PC” programe that can be downloaded to your laptop or PC from Amazon, at no cost.



January 23, 2013